5 Things that make a GOOD business analyst GREAT

1. Good business’s analysts don’t have to know everything; they just need to be good at knowing where to find what they need and knowing whom to ask. My husband taught me that it’s okay of I don’t know exactly where the artifact I need maybe but I certainly know where and how and from whom I can get it.  They don’t stay stuck because they know how to get what they need to move forward.

2. Good business analysts are great communicators, they know how to keep everyone one in the loop and how to track the status of everything they ate responsible for. They are great at communication management.

3. Good analysts are good problem solvers. Call it the engineer in me, but the ability to think critically goes a long way in our ability to analyze anything. They know how to ask the right questions, and in many different ways until they arrive at the most unambiguous and detailed answer possible.

4. Good business analysts know how to resolve conflict among their stakeholders to move the project forward. They know how to sell what’s in it for each party so that personal agendas are put away in favor of the common project vision and success.

5. Good business analysts are continuous learners. They are always on the look out for new techniques or new industry tools to make their work better and increase their productivity. They recommend these tools or techniques to their team, they bring it into their organization and sometimes even teach others these techniques or how to use the tools they have discovered.

I am a self motivated professional with more than 16 years of experience as an IT industry. My background include Healthcare, Engineering, Enterprise Sales, Telecom, Finance, Government, Logistics, to name a few. I love sports and my favorite sports teams are the Lakers, Yankee, Capitals, Redskins, and Arsenal.

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