Business Analyst Training

Next Business Analyst Training Class starts November 27th from 8am – 10am EST. Register today, seats are limited.


Course Duration: 40 hours Training + Assignments + Case Studies

Training Materials: All attendees will receive,

  • Assignment after each module, Video recording of every session
  • Notes and study material for examples covered.
  • Access to the Training Blog & Repository of Materials


  • Should have good communication and documentation skills
  • Should have the basic knowledge of an IT project life cycle

Who Should Join the Training?

  • Entry-level IT Business Analysts
  • Non IT professionals aspiring to get into Business analysis/analyst.
  • Self-taught IT Business Analysts wanting to fill in the gaps and put all the pieces together
  • Systems Analysts and programmers interested in expanding their role into the business area

Advantages of Business Analyst online:

If you are just starting out on your Business Analyst career, looking for online Business Analysis training materials to improve your BA practice or looking for a career change to Business Analysis, then HTST Online Training has the right level of BA online training. By enrolling for Business Analyst courses with us you get the required Business Analyst training material, Business Analyst interview questions, Business Analysis Certification exam practice test, Business Analyst training videos and case studies based on real-time project which helps you in achieving Business Analyst Certification.

Training Format:

This course is delivered as a highly interactive session, with extensive live examples. This course is Live Instructor led Online training delivered using Cisco WebEx Meeting center Web and Audio Conferencing tool.

Timing: Weekdays and Weekends after work hours.

Training Highlights

  • Focus on Hands on training with lot of assignments, practice exercises and quizzes
  • Assignments, Video recordings after each session posted on Training Blog
  • Quality Study material
  • Case Studies based on Real-time project based Scenarios
  • Certification Guidance
  • Certificate of Participation at the end.

Benefits – What’s in it for you?

At HTS, our training’s are designed to equip you for the specific role that you will be required to perform on the job. Our Role based training have been proven to be highly effective, demonstrating on-job experience. Our curriculum are based on real-time job functions and projects. Our case studies are based on real life scenarios and our in-class hands on discussion is second to none.

Easy Learning – Convenience of an online class real time interaction with the instructors and other students from the comfort of your own home.

Increase Your Earning Power – In as little as 4 weeks,  you can earn a new skill that will transform your life and add to your earning power.

Additional Support  – Our instructors are available by appointment during our evening office hours to provide additional support for our students if needed, after the completion of the class, up to 30 days after completion date.

Role based training – Our trainers share their real-time project experience with students, giving our students the opportunity to experience real life project scenarios using our case studies from ongoing projects. Our goal is for each student to be able to function in a real life work environment after completing any of our training courses.

Tailored just for you – Each student receives a customized HTS training manual for their select course. This training manual, along with an item of choice from our online bookstore will be delivered by USPS to their address of choice. Our main technology for delivering study materials to the student is Google Drive. We encourage each student to sign up for a Gmail account prior to starting any of our training classes. Each student will also receive an

Our Trainers – Our Trainers are highly qualified with vast experience in their respective fields. Their field of experience include: Engineering, Information Technology, Transportation, Energy, Finance, Sales, Healthcare, and direct marketing.

Case Studies and Assignments Based on Real Scenarios – Our case studies are based on real life scenarios that equip you for the specific role that you will be required to perform on the job.

Certification Assistance – Depending on the course, we offer certification assistance. This process happens once the class modules have been completed. A series of potential certification questions will be covered by the instructor to ensure that the student gain an understanding of what to expect on their certification exam.

Certification Of Completion – Every student will receives an HTS Online Training Certificate at the end of each training class.

Career Development – If you are new to the information technology industry and in need of career development, please click the link, and fill out the career development form and one of our career developers will contact you.

Resume & Interview Prep – We provide a complementary resume and interview prep class with the completion of the BA training.

The Business Analyst Training uses best practices and guidelines from International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) in their Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® v2.0). The training content is customized to meet the practical needs of a Business Analyst professional.

Week 1

In this session you will learn about the software development Life cycle, the development phases of the solution and your pivotal role as an analyst in each of the phases.

Module 1: Introduction to Business Analysis
Module 2: Framework of a Business Analyst
Module 3: Software development Life cycle
Module 4: Development Methodologies
Module 6: Business Analyst Role
Module 7: Requirements
Module 8: Requirement Types Case Study
Module 9: Requirement Gathering
Module10: Requirement Management
Module11: Qualities of a good requirement
Module12: Business Rules


Hands on Assignment  


Week 2

In this session, you will learn how to help your client, your team and other stakeholders visualize the requirement and the solution, as well as the new flow of their business process.

Module 1: Prototypes and Mock ups
Module 2: Wire Frames (Case Study)
Module 3: Verification and validation
Module 4: UML and Business modeling
Module 5: Use cases

Module 6: Recycling use cases (Case study)
Module 7: Business / Process flow (Case study)
Module 8: Activity and Sequence diagrams (Case study)
Hands on Assignment  



Week 3

In this session, you will learn how to ensure that no requirement, design element or test element is missed by tracking even the most minute detail with a Traceability matrix. You will also learn the techniques for improving existing processes or reestablishing new ones.
Module 1: Requirement Traceability (Case Study)
Module 2: Business Process improvement & reengineering (Case Study)
Module 3: Change management (Case study)
Module 4: Stakeholders and Stakeholder Management

Interview Q&A
Hands on Assignment


Week 4

In this session you will learn how employ the scrum method, work as part of a scrum team and to effectively apply the scrum way to build a working product for your client. You will also learn software testing; test planning, execution and management in all test phases. At HTS online training, we believe that software testing is an added advantage for today’s BA.

Module 1: Scrum overview

Module 2: User stories
Module 3: Testing – An added advantage
Module 4: Types of Tests
Module 5: Test planning & Management
Module 6: Test environments (Case study)
Module 7: Business Analysis in different domains

Interview Q&A / Schedule Interview Prep Session
Certificate ceremony

Case Study 1

Health Care System

A large government agency is one of your company’s clients; this agency is in need of an enhancement to their current electronic health records (EHR) system. They have requested an integrated patient health records management system titled no “Patient lost”. The new system will be integrated into the existing health records management system and will have the following features set. Patients can be seen anywhere in the country by any doctor of their choice, however, appointments to see specialists can only be made by the current primary care physician office (i.e. the physician, a nurse/administrator in that office). The system will allow any doctor seeing the patient for the first time to access the patient’s existing medical records up until the last visit with a primary care doctor or specialist.

It will track the date and time of each visit, the intent of the visit (why the patient visited the doctor), the outcome of the visit (what the actual medical reasons for the visit was/were), any current medication and dosage, any new prescriptions and dosage, the patient’s allergies and reactions and level of severity of allergic reaction. It will allow for patient’s personal information to be updated (address, Tel #, weight, emergency contact, next of kin). The integrated system will also feature an image processing system (IPS) for uploading the patient’s X-rays, CT scans, etc. by the technician who did the imaging or the specialist who interprets the image. The system will issue an alert to the primary care physician office or the specialist office or the medical health imaging office if there are missing portions of the patient’s records after 24hrs since the patient’s visit.

This alert will require an input of the missing pieces of the record or will request an explanation as to why the some pieces of information are yet to be included, as well as the signature of the personnel responding and their role within the organization where this alert has been received.

Your Tasks

  1. Identify the users/roles
  2. Identify use cases
  3. Identify post conditions for any use case you have earlier identified
  4. Identify a business rule
  5. Identify a trigger to a use case earlier mentioned
  6. Identify a complete use case with all its corresponding elements
  7. Draw a process flow showing the flow of activities among all or some of the roles in this system

Case Study 2

Customer Management Application:

A client of HTS online has requested a tutoring appointment and payment tracking system to eliminate the paper work and time wasted on some of their business processes. They have asked for an automated solution on a hand held device that will be capable of tracking tutoring appointments per subject, per student and per instructor. The hand held device should be enabled with features that will allow parents to sign at the beginning and at the end of each session, will allow students to input what was covered during the session, it will also  time stamp the instructor’s arrival to the student’s home. At the time or arrival to the home, parents will select the subject their student is being tutored in before they sign for the beginning of the session. The mobile device will also be equipped with a payment system to accept the monthly Payments for the next month’s hours at the last tutoring session of the preceding month. The device will also allow parents make appointments on the instructor’s device for an emergency tutoring session, sign accepting the appointment and also make advance for the emergency session in on the day the appointment is set. As part of their operating process, each instructor stops by their administrative office to pick up the handheld device and log on at the start of their work day and returns it into the office drop box at the end of their work day after logging off the device. The device also allows the instructor to turn on the mile tracking feature to calculate mileage between the office and the first student and subsequently, between each student’s home, up until the instructor returns to the office and logs off for the night.

You’re Tasks

  1. Identify the actors/roles in this process,
  2. Make a use case list( show a table of the roles and goals)
  3. Draw the  Use Cases

Identify the sunny day scenarios, alternate path and the exception flow

BA Certification Process

Requirements for BA certification

Step 1: Applying for and Paying for CBAP® Certification

Step 2: Paying for the Exam

Step 3: Registering for the Exam

Step 4: Preparing for the Exam

Step 5: Taking the Exam

Cost of BA certification

The Cost of the exam is $125. All candidates must ensure to check certification link for updated pricing.

Get certified as a business analyst

To earn the CBAP designation, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 7500 hours of BA work experience aligned with the BABOK Guide in the last 10 years
  • Minimum 900 hours in four of the six knowledge areas
  • Minimum 21 hours of Professional Development in the past four years
  • Two references from a career manager, client or CBAP recipient
  • Signed Code of Conduct

To earn the CCBA designation, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 3750 hours of business analysis work experience aligned with the BABOK® Guide in the last seven years
  • Minimum 900 hours in two of the six knowledge areas or 500 hours in four of the six knowledge areas
  • Minimum 21 hours of Professional Development in the past four years
  • Minimum high school education or equivalent
  • Two references from a career manager, client or Certified Business Analysis Professional TM (CBAP®) recipient
  • Signed Code of Conduct

What to expect on the exam

The CCBA and CBAP examination would consist of 150 multiple choice questions.

Technical Requirements for HTS Online Training Classes:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or newer
  • Browser: Google, Internet Explorer, Firefox
  • CPU: P350 MHz, recommended P500+ MHz
  • Memory: 256 MB, recommended 2GB RAM
  • Free Disk Space: 40 GB, recommended 150 GB for content and recordings
  • Internet Connection: 28.8 Kbps, recommended 128+ Kbps
  • Monitor: 16 bit colors (high color)
  • Other: Headphones with inbuilt mic, speaker (External speaker recommended)

What should I know before taking the BA Online Training Class?

  • You must be able to communicate effectively
  • You must have good documentations skills
  • You should have the basic knowledge of an IT project life cycle, see link ()

Who should take the BA Online Training Class?

  • Anyone seeking an opportunity as a Business Analyst
  • Anyone seeing an opportunity as a Project Manager
  • Entry-level IT Business Analysts
  • Non IT professionals aspiring to get into Business analysis/analyst
  • Systems Analysts and programmers interested in expanding their role into the business area

How will I get hands on experience?

  • Hands on experience will be achieved through assigned independent work
  • In class case study review
  • Online live project discussion and evaluation
  • In class online group discussion

When are the classes held and how many hours would I need to put in every day/week?

  • Online Live sessions are held weekend mornings (Eastern Standard Time GMT-5) or on Weekends. The schedules are posted for each session on the website. We recommend that you invest a minimum of 8-10 hrs per week.
  • It is also recommended that each student completes the assigned reading materials
  • It is also recommended that each student completes all assignments and projects assigned.

What if I miss a class?

  • We record every live session and after the session is complete, we will post the Video recording of that session in the blog.
  • Each student will receive an individual copy of the training manual along with their welcome package

How can I request for a support session?

  • You can post a question to the online training blog or
  • Schedule a one-one appointment with the trainer during office hours (office hours are posted during each session)

What If I have queries after I complete this course?

  • All students will receive 1 month of complementary support after the class session has ended. Support will be strictly by appointment only.

How will I get the recorded sessions?

  • Access will be provided to you through the training blog.

How can I download the class videos?

  • You won’t be able to download any videos. They are available for you to View using the training blog 24*7.

Is the course material accessible to the students even after the course training finishes?

  • Each student receives complete welcome package that includes a training manual and other training materials.

Do you provide Placements as well?

  • We are first and foremost an online training center; however we work closely with recruiters in the industry to place candidates who complete the training class as well as the interview prep-class.

Can I complete the course within a shorter time frame?

  • Yes starting in August 2016 there will be a boot-camp training class that runs for 5 consecutive days.

Do you provide any Certification? If yes, what is the Certification process?

  • We provide Certification guidance at the end of each course. You will also receive a “Certificate of Completion” from HTS online Training at the end of the course.

Are these classes conducted via LIVE video streaming?

  • Yes, all classes are conducted live.

What internet speed is required to attend the LIVE classes?

  • Kindly refer to the (Technical Requirements for HTS Online Training Classes)

What are the payment options?

  • We accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Bank payments from anywhere in USA, Money orders, International Wire transfer, and Wells Fargo Sure-pay. All the payments details are mentioned on the Enrollment page. Note: All payments must be received in full 7days before the class begins.

What if I have more questions?

  • Feel free to contact us on the number posted on the course details of our website.